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Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland

Answering the call of the wild

WRI exists to promote wildlife rehabilitation, improve wildlife welfare, and conservation in Ireland. 

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WRI is run by dedicated volunteers and skilled professionals, who provide, education and hospital services, committed to protecting the lives of Ireland’s wildlife population. 

Currently, there is no bespoke, state-funded organisation, dedicated to the rescue of injured and orphaned wildlife in Ireland.  Nor is wildlife medicine & care taught at Irish veterinary hospitals. As a result, thousands of animals die every year. Needlessly. 

At WRI, we are here to answer their call. 


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To rise to the challenge of bringing world-class standards to the rehabilitation of Ireland’s wildlife, through best-practice training & education programs. 

We envision a world where people respect, nurture and coexist with the beauty of our native wildlife, ensuring a healthy ecosystem for all living things.  


We EDUCATE the public in wildlife care through our Wild Ways programs and talks

We ADVANCE the veterinary specialists’ understanding of the specifics of wildlife treatment & wellbeing through our WRI Training.

We REHABILITATE sick and orphaned animals and release them back to where they belong, through our Wildlife  Hospital. 

When it comes to answering the call of the wild, we’re all EAR's 


Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors. Whilst all volunteers, it is made up of experienced and driven people and presents a balanced combination of people in the fields of wildlife conservation and welfare, management, finance, communications, legal, research, education and IT.

The Board is responsible for the overall control and strategic direction of the charity.

Current Board Members

Emma Higgs               Sharon Murphy
June Stanley               Michael Gunn
Heidi Bedell                 David Duffy
Aidan Lynch                


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