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The Hospital

Thousands of injured and orphaned wildlife require rehabilitation every year. 

In 2021 alone, our interim wildlife hospital in Navan treated a whopping 2,651 wild patients! 




The WRI Wildlife Hospital will have treatment and operating rooms, isolation wards, an intensive care unit, and recovery rooms.

Wildlife recovery areas will be designed with proper consideration for the very different requirements of different species. There will be aviaries, barns, enclosures, and even pools!



Our goal is to make the visitor experience exciting, fun, and educational!

Through real-life stories, visitors will have the chance to learn all about wildlife rehabilitation.

Visitors will learn to connect positively 
with nature and gain a heightened appreciation of the amazing natural world.

With the required funding, the Wildlife Hospital will be able to provide a rewarding and wild experience.

Click below to find out how you can help make the Wildlife Visitor Centre a reality.



WRI believes that animal welfare and conservation are of limited long term benefit without education. For that reason, we feel there has to be a strong educational emphasis in the Hospital.

We believe that people of all ages and backgrounds should have the chance to learn about our native wildlife.

Educational programmes provide learning experiences around wildlife undergoing rehabilitation, as well as promoting a wider understanding of their species and what we can do to contribute to their conservation

Our talks cater for both primary and secondary schools, as well as community groups.

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